Online shopping and ordering… these days one of the most common things in the world of internet.
Especially for the people on Curaçao it is the ideal way to buy articles from America.

At COL you can subscribe a P.O. Box in Miami.
While ordering you just fill out your P.O. Box number and your mail and packages will be delivered in Miami.
From that moment we will take care for a rush delivery up to the office of Carib-Online: Fokkerweg 26.
Of course you first need to register at our office.

If you would like to use this additional service and you have an Internet account at COL, just add a small monthly fee of Nafl. 15,00 per month for your own PO Box.
If you do not have a COL Internet account, you can subscribe for this service for US$ 99,99 for a year.

If you want to know more about this service, please send your e-mail
to or just call (599-9) 461 8301.


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